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CSI project got the “SP1 target priority: Nanoelectronics for Health and Wellness”, which is among the high priority sub-programs of ENIAC eniac-sAnnual Work Plan 2009.
In full matching with the AWP 2009’s call, CSI aimed to “raise the population’s health standards with a simultaneous reduction of the associated cost. Main priorities in applications were early diagnostic and prevention, targeted, minimally invasive and/or portable therapies,<…> and tools and methods for analytical and research laboratories.”
The project collected a plurality of industrial driven actions (yet thoroughly specified by Clinical doctors) dealing with 3D image diagnostic platforms and addressing three main target activities under the AWP 2009/SP1, in this respect CSI delivered:

Advanced imaging capability for diagnostics and healthcare

  • New devices with enhanced sensitivity and dynamic range, lower noise, and smaller footprint (size and power)
  • 3-D imaging of early biomarkers, functional and pharmacological information
  • Advanced digital data processing and storage for image processing and analysis

Targeted therapy

  • Combination of imaging with therapy
  • Testing in real time individual response to drugs

Remote patient supervision

  • Using multi-parameters biosensors and telecommunication networks to push forward the state of the art on diagnosis and therapy based on remote monitoring of elderly people and of patient requiring prolonged medical care.


CSI Project was successfully delivered to ENIAC JU getting an excellent evaluations by the ENIAC JU Experts.

Fon any further info pls refer to the CSI Project Manager: Angelo Alberto Messina, Ph. D. angelo.amessina@st.com

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